IMG_3883Your event should be the talk of the town. It should make a statement and cause a splash. It should also plant a seed that will encourage your business to grow. This is why we at B.Marketing take event management so seriously. We still believe that when it comes to events, the traditional marketing approach of “shaking hands and showing face” can be a powerful marketing tool. Events and parties can be game changers; solidifying reputations, attracting new business, and promoting your brand so that people never forget you. B.Marketing will venture into the community to look for local events that ideally suited for our clients’ involvement. We seek out event opportunities that will help increase brand awareness within the community and from conception to reality, we will create an event that will generate new possibilities for your business, create new connections, and open doors. B.Marketing can help you design invitations, find the right venue, generate media coverage, and manage invitation lists for your corporate event, customer appreciation party, and more. Our event management services include:

  • Event creation and strategy
  • Planning and production
  • Media coverage and media relations
  • Invitation design and distribution
  • Video coverage
  • Photography

Contact Us to learn more.

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